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Bando Drive Belt
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Product/Service: Bando Drive Belt
Unit price: Negotiable
Total Availability:
Delivery period: Payment from the buyer within 3 days from the date of shipment
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Validity: Never Expires
Last Updated: 2015-01-30 16:38
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Company Basic Information

Product Details
China Bando Drive Belt
Brand: Bando 
Grade: Genuine
Place of origin: China
Part No.: 23100-GCC-7710-M1
Working life: 8000~10000KM
China Bando Drive Belt 23100-GG2-7500
Specifically designed for a variety of motorized applications including street legal scooters
Constructed with the latest technology and materials, these belts provide fast and easy acceleration, fuel efficiency and smooth resistance
China Bando Drive Belt with genuine quality, and provides longer durability and high performance
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